Our project

We aim to build a revolutionary and profitable platform for writers, journalists and freelance journalists that want to bring great information to the world. To make this possible we have to fully avoid censorship. However, to make all the platform successful and profitable, we have to make sure that it is valid and valuable by preventing any kind of spam and abuse. Avoiding censorship and keeping an high quality of contents it’s our main challange.


To make everything possible the core will need differents essential features:

  • Fully decentralized platform
  • Open source code
  • Automated payments
  • Community-based validation systems
  • Encrypted documents storage


We will build all the apps needed to make VERITAS available on any platform. To make all members unique we will make it as personalizable as possible. In addition, an API of the core will be released and that will allow any individual to build an app based on it. For example, a writer could make an app focused on their own journal and increase the view and the profit of it.


Validators are foundamental users for VERITAS, as the quality of the content is guaranteed by them. In addition, they will also have the role of organising the platform by selecting categories for every article. Every person can easily become a validator for free, and start earning money with the new quality validation system.


The platform shall be profitable for writers as they have lots of ways to earn money:

  • By publishing articles for free the platform shall share profits based on readers appreciation
  • By selling articles
  • By creating a journal and selling a plan (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • By other member donations
  • By building and selling a personalised app based on their journal


Without a good community of readers VERITAS can not be profitable, so we do our best to build an interface that enable VERITAS to be easy to use for everybody. As the community validates all the articles, readers can access uncensored contents without getting caught in dangerous or unwanted information.

VERITAS comes with tons of features

Outline of the validation system

  • Writer submits an article

  • The article is randomly distributed to a large numbers of anonymous users validators

    To prevent powerful people or companies buying votes from the community and making them validate a specific article, every vote is going to be anonymous and randomly distribuited so no one will have the ability to manipulate the results.

  • User votes validate and categorize the article

    The validators will have the job of judging the article and saying whether they think it should be published or if it’s SPAM/unwanted article. If they vote to publish, they will also have the job of identifying which category the article should be distributed to.

  • Articles reach 1000 votes

    Every article needs 1000 votes to be validated or refused and the decision is made by trusting the majority, 51%. Once 1000 votes is reached, the article will either be published or not, with the result visible to the community.

  • Rewards and “trusted points” are distributed

    To be sure that people vote in an honest way, only those that have voted with the majority shall be paid with VERITASCOIN. However, we know that people can vote in an honest way, but without agreeing of the majority, so the system will distribute “trusted points” and this indicates honest voting.

    Trusted points

To push users to do an honest job and to be sure they get what they deserve, we have created the “trusted points” which is a way of giving more power to those users that give their time to better VERITAS. These points make your votes worth up to 20 times more, this means 20 times more money for every vote consistent with the majority. These are the amount of points needed to reach each level: