Who we are

We are a team of 4 people aged between 25 and 30 from Switzerland.
We are software engineers, currently working in different software houses who are truly passionate about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and their philosophies. In 2013, as soon as we discovered bitcoin we just become obsessed by it.
We find this virtual world extremely interesting and full of potential, so we have decided to be part of it.


We do believes that freedom of information is the key to make a better world.
After thousands of promises from hundreds of different projects that haven’t been kept. We realized that we have been waiting long enough and we decided to do something about it.
The power behind blockchain made us realize that we can make the difference together by building a fully community-based platform.
And also, we know that the community behind cryptocurrency is extremly motivated to find new projects and to help by investing in them. It is for this reason that we began this project now.

Our Team

Adriano Meyer
Founder CEO

Adriano is the creator of VERITAS. He has over 10 years experiences in engineering and management of software. Crypto enthusiast since he came across it in 2013. Discovering new projects and working in the crypto scene. Is now his main occupation.

Alan Meyer

Alan is Adriano’s brother also living in Switzerland. A Software engineer with over 8 years experience as a freelance programmer. He has been working for different Swiss bank and software houses. Alan explored cryptocurrency with his brother and quickly realised how powerful blockchain could be.

Michele Mauri

Michele has only just learnt about blockchain, but he already realise its potential. This will allow him to give an outside view when overcoming obstacles in the software.


Ethan is a software engineer currently working for a software house. He has 6 years experience in software management and has been leading a team of 12 people for the last 2 years. His passion, skills and experience make him the leading developer. For professional reasons he wishes to remain anonymous.